Pirate Camp. Biennale Venezia
  • Pirate Camp: Artists’Itinerant Campsite. A new artists in residency program.

    PIRATE CAMP is the first itinerant artists’ camping program

    created to give free hospitality to a selection of young international artists during the most important contemporary art events worldwide.

    The project was conceived by the Italian art group CONIGLIOVIOLA and it involves a network of international artist-run spaces.

    Pirate-Camp is supported and promoted by the non-profit organization Kaninchenhaus with the patronage of the City of Turin and GAI (Association for the Circuit of the Young Italian Artists) and with the collaboration of the Department for Youth policies of the City of Venice and of Art Enclosures (Residencies for visiting international artists in Venice – a residency program for international artists created and produced by Fondazione di Venezia).

    From the PIRATE ATTACK to the PIRATE CAMP…

    Following Coniglioviola’s PIRATE ATTACK TO THE BIENNALE IN VENICE, performed by the group in 2007, PIRATE CAMP represents the next step in this story.
    After the attack, time has come for the pirates to halt on the mainland: colonize the territory and share the treasures stored during their long trip, before taking the Sea route again.

    The pirate camp – filling up the ideal gap between the sea, the pirates dominion,  and the land, the system’s dominion –  is first and foremost a work of art itself. It is the metaphorical representation of the natural and necessary condition of being-an-artist.
    The analogy between the artist and the pirate/encamped is the pivot concept, both from a symbolic and a philosophical point of view: a status of extra-territoriality which grants the artist a privileged point of view to critically observe and depict the world.

    Pirate Camp wants do be an answer to young artists’ needs since going to the great arts biennals, the most important art fairs and exhibitions can be very expensive. Hence, the creation of a campsite totally free of charge that will allow a specific number of artists – selected through a public competition – to experience these events.

    A different artist in residency program.

    Pirate Camp is an indipendent project designed by artists for artists.
    The Residencies we are used to, are generally organized by institutions, museums or private mecenates, and seem to work on the unwitting assumption that, not just the work of art, but its creator as well, can be objectified and included in some sort of a private collection.
    On the other hand, the Pirate Camp wants to be a living platform, and each and every participant becomes essential to its life.

    The Pirate Camp wants to be a great platform supporting the exchange of new ideas and the mobility of young artists. Such a place wants to give life to a collaborative experiment of artistic creation and encourage the development of a collective and solid conscience, creating an international network able to experiment alternative and independent forms of intervention within the contemporary art system.

    The first PIRATE CAMP edition will be held during the 54th Biennale d’Arte di Venezia from May 31 to June 6, 2011 breaking for the first time the notorious “no camping” law in the City of Venice!

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