Pirate Camp. Biennale Venezia
  • Our jury: artists for artists!

    While the first step of pirate-camp project has closed – collecting in less than ten days almost 120 applications for the Venice camp – we can announce the start of the hard selection work that will take us to choose the first 16 pirate-campers.

    PIRATE CAMP is a project designed by artists for artists, that’s why we strongly wanted that also the jury was composed by artists only.
    The commitee for the 1st PIRATE CAMP in Venice will be formed by a delegation of Italian artist run space’s representatives. Artist-run spaces are independent spaces run by artists, whose aim is to develop alternative approaches to exhibition planning and residency programmes, and who have brought their original contribution to the contemporary art system. Even though artist run spaces are spread worldwide, and considering that the programme starts in Venice, the first committee will be only formed by Italian representatives.

    Here’s the list of the members of the commitee. On this website we’ll also try to give a contribution to the hard and precious work they carry on.

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    1. lidia reghini di pontremoli
      March 16th, 2012 @ 6:55 pm

      Wonderfoul idea!whithout old critics but only the artists for another artists! Greetings!!!

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